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Wedding guests love to cheer a bride and groom for a romantic dip and kiss.  It’s a crowd pleaser and it makes for a fabulous photograph too! Some couples may dip several times during their wedding day – after the “I Do’s,” the First Dance, and again as they’re exiting the reception. 

Since our getaway cars are always at the end of the exit line, we’ve seen our fair share of those final dips and kisses. So, we’ve decided to share a few tips for all the brides and grooms. 

You’ve been to weddings and seen how guests love when the newlyweds kiss.  It’s all about the romance. Maybe it’s a rite of passage to show your private kiss to the masses. Regardless, if the dip is just not your thing, that’s okay.  There’s plenty of other ways to show off your celebratory kiss without taking on the daunting dip.

  • Groom’s hands on bride’s cheek or chin
  • Holding hands while you kiss
  • A kiss on your new spouse’s fingers
  • A sweet embrace with your arms around her waist and her arms around your neck, maybe with a mild bend
  •  Literally sweep her off her feet for a few seconds with that kiss 


Here’s our “how to” for the bride and groom to hear the cheers for the perfect dip and kiss:

  1. You must have trust in one another, so discuss the process before you try it.  Go over the steps together so you both know what to expect. 
  2. Talk about what moments of the wedding day you want to perform the dip. Maybe it’s that perfect part during your first dance song, and of course, your final exit!  Even with discussing it before, always let your partner know before you begin the dip on the day of.
  3. Next, the groom needs to determine which leg and side of his body he will lean into a lunge.  This will be the leg and arm that will be supporting the bride during the dip, so choose which side feels most comfortable. 
  4. The groom should put his “lunging arm” around the bride and have his hand on her mid back between her shoulder blades.
  5. There are several ways the groom’s other hand can be used: 
    – Placed on the bride’s upper hip, waist, or lower back
    – Holding the bride’s hand
    – NEVER hold on to the bride’s thigh or leg
  6. The groom will then step toward the front and side into a lunge, bringing his bride down with him. 
  7. As the groom begins to dip, the bride may want to:
    – Hold on to the groom’s forearm, bicep, shoulder, or hand
    – Place her hand on his cheek
    – Dangle her hand out to her side with her bouquet
  8. Now that you’re in the correct position, the bride may want to add in a leg lift with her outside leg. Be sure you have your balance before attempting this fun step.
  9. Seal the dip with a kiss!

This whole process may only take a few seconds, and the groom shouldn’t hold the bride more than 30 seconds in the dip position. Practice these steps a couple times and figure out together what works best for you before the big day!

If you’re going to attempt the daring dip, here’s how to avoid the faux pas:

  • Always warn your bride of your plan moments before you attempt the dip.
  • Never grab your bride’s thigh or leg in a dip.
  • Never try to dip your bride without lunging unless you’re trying to make her do a back bend. Plus, you may lose your balance and fall.

This method is tried and true, performed to perfection by so many of our incredible Dream Drives clients and personally attempted by the Dream Drives family.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the big kiss on your wedding day, enjoy each peck. It’s not every day you’re allowed or comfortable showing as much PDA with people cheering you on!


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